Half of CPA Firm Staffers Could Jump Jobs

Compensation, work-life balance among the factors. Are your employees satisfied? How sure are you? Nearly 48 percent of respondents in a new CPA Trendlines survey say no, not really. Their answers range from deep dissatisfaction to on the fence.

8 Steps in CPA Mentoring

To develop and nurture talent: It’s more than just lunch. Unfortunately, even the best-intentioned mentoring initiatives can easily fizzle in the early stages, before delivering value to the participants and the organization at large, according to Molly Sargent of Rowayton, Conn.-based … Continued

18 Pieces of Today’s Best Job Advice

Get certified. Apply early and often.  Join the survey; get the results. By Rick Telberg I’m looking over the early responses to our new CPA Careers survey and one stands out for its practicality and wisdom. This from a veteran senior finance … Continued

How CFOs Choose a New CPA Firm

What you need to know. How finance executives pick accounting firms: Join the survey; get the answers. by Rick Telberg Here’s some good news for accounting firms: Most companies stick with their CPA firms for at least five to 10 … Continued