6 Ways to Move Beyond Compliance Services

Becoming a ‘trusted advisor.’ By Sandi Smith Leyva The Accountant’s Accelerator Here’s a question: What portion of your revenues are derived from compliance work – e.g., tax preparation and IRS representation; bookkeeping; QuickBooks setup, cleanup and training; payroll; and audit … Continued

The 5 First Steps in Targeting Clients

How to build a plan. By Ed Mendlowitz 101 Questions and Answers for Managing an Accounting Practice  QUESTION: I want to start growing my practice but am having trouble defining my target client.  I tend to accept every client I … Continued

I Just Lost My Biggest Client

By Ed Mendlowitz “Tax Season Opportunity Guide” QUESTION: I just suddenly lost my biggest client. They said they outgrew me. What could I have done to keep them? RESPONSE: Maybe nothing. And at this point it may not matter, but … Continued

Overcoming Your Clients’ Worst Fears

How to help them take initiative and allow you to be proactive. By Hitendra Patil Pransform Inc. Neuroscience studies have shown that fear is a far bigger driver than we would ever care to admit. According to Kevin Hogan, author … Continued