Accountants Worldwide Report Business Challenges

Everyone wants their government to get out of the way. While U.S. accountants certainly rank high in entrepreneurial spirit, with 49 percent calling themselves risk-seeking in the Sage Accounting Index, they were tied by Brazil and edged out slightly by … Continued

Tax Preparation Fees and Services

The National Trends and Averages By CPA Trendlines Research While tax professionals taking a well-deserved break this summer, they are also carefully assessing how well – or poorly – they fared in Tax Season 2015 and they are beginning to … Continued

SURVEY RESULTS: Deal-Savvy CPAs Look to Lenovo Computers

Lenovo challenges Dell and HP’s dominance with competitive pricing on desktops. By CPA Trendlines Research Accounting Firm Operations and Technology Survey Attracted by competitive pricing, accountants are increasingly turning to Lenovo as their primary desktop computer and challenging the dominant … Continued

The Tech Risks Accountants Would Rather Ignore

New study reveals widespread weaknesses in accounting firm technology strategies. By Rick Telberg CPA Trendlines Research Accountants aren’t known for their risky decisions. Quite the opposite, in fact. In most things, accountants are paragons of caution and care. That’s, “in … Continued

Busy Season 2015: Comprehensive Coverage

In case you missed it… In this directory, CPA Trendlines compiles complete coverage of the 2015 busy season. IRS Seeks More Tools to Fight Refund Fraud FY 2016 budget provisions would expand authority for regulation, correctable errors. Workflow Automation Takes Root in … Continued