Taking the First Steps Toward a Paperless Office

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GWX-481 Lacerte & Org LITE.

By Julie Pierce

While most of the country may have stopped thinking about filing season now that Tax Day has come and gone, we know that there are roughly 13 million extensions that will need to be addressed by October. That's why I want to take a moment to highlight GruntWorx services that will help you more efficiently prepare those extension returns.

GruntWorx improves the experience for Lacerte users.

GruntWorx Populate currently integrates with Drake Software, Thomson Reuters’ GoSystem Tax RS, CCH ProSystem fx Tax, and UltraTax CS, and Intuit Lacerte. But this year, we improved the interface for Lacerte users, so they can more easily take advantage of GruntWorx Populate, our 1040 scan-and-fill service. Just scan client documents and send the resulting PDF files to GruntWorx; Populate extracts information from your client’s documents and inserts it into your tax preparation software. The average turnaround time is about an hour, and all data is verified by U.S.-based validation staff, so you receive consistent and accurate results.

Organize LITE is here

Digging your way out of all the post-season paperwork can be a huge hassle. Whether you’re looking to digitize client papers for a more secure office or wanting to organize after Tax Day, Organize LITE can help. It works with any tax prep program, and you won’t need special software to convert the files. Just scan and send client documents to GruntWorx, and you’ll receive a bookmarked, searchable PDF in a minute or two. Since Organize LITE is a low-cost, per-page processing service, converting to a paperless office is easy.

Since GruntWorx saves you time on each prepared return, you can finish more work faster – all while enjoying the organization and security benefits of taking the first steps toward a paperless office.