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Tax & Accounting Headcounts Hit Record High

Records set in several segments.

By Beth Bellor

With year-end employment figures in, it remains a great time to be an accountant.
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By the Numbers

In this report, CPA Trendlines highlights:

  • Current hiring trends in each of the bookkeeping, payroll, tax and CPA segments of the industry (all data seasonally adjusted)
  • Average hourly wages for key segments
  • Typical hours worked per week
  • Trends concerning women in the accounting workforce


Why Are CEOs So Confused?

Business hand holding hot chart in crystal ballBe a little of a mind reader.

By Andrew Hunzicker

Why are CEOs so confused about what they want from their bookkeeper, accountant, tax CPA or CFO?

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Here’s what they tell me they want:

  • They want me to work “full time”
  • They want me to track my time to “prove” 40-50 hours a week
  • They want me to work on site


5 Reasons to Save Money for a 5G Phone

Galaxy A90
The Samsung Galaxy A90 5G is just one of a whole new wave of 5G phones hitting the market.

Speed goes up, prices come down.

By Rick Richardson

The majority of phones sold today are enabled for 4G connectivity, but if you’re looking to get yourself a new phone with the New Year, you would be wise to bide your time and get yourself a 5G phone.

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Here are five of the best reasons why:

1. 5G networks are better than ever and keep improving. When launched, 5G was limited to a few of the busiest areas of the biggest cities. But now, 5G is present in many more locations than before and will soon spread further.

Can You Really Grow Without Adding Clients?

Large group of people gathered into an upward arrow shapeCombining new sales with upsells is a more reliable strategy.

By Ty Hendrickson, CPA

“Grow your practice without having to add any new clients!”

I seriously gasped when I saw this headline recently. I thought to myself, “Really? What kind of advice is this?!” I had to read this story to find out just what the author was suggesting and how this could be a good long-term strategy for anyone.

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As I read through the article, I was secretly hoping to learn some magic bullet or new idea that would make growth easier on so many people who do not like sales. However, as I continued to read, I became more and more anxious about the strategy that was suggested.

How to Set a Profitable Price Every Time

The right clients will be willing to pay fair prices.

By Gabrielle Fontaine

Whenever in negotiations with a potential client, do you know when to walk away, or do you feel forced to lower your price just to win the sale?

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Especially when attempting to use flat-fee pricing, many accounting professionals get caught up in doing anything to win new clients. That's a mistake.

Why You Need an Independent Security Review

Illustration of computer security threatsThen follow up every few years.

By Roman H. Kepczyk
Quantum of Paperless

Going “paperless” means that all firm files and client data will be digitally stored on the firm’s network, which is almost always accessible to firm personnel via internal workstations and remotely via the internet. The firm has a fiduciary responsibility to protect this data from anyone not specifically authorized to view it.

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Proper security is VERY difficult for any internal network administrator to guarantee as few have the experience and have participated in ongoing training to implement security settings optimally the first time. Therefore, all “one-shot” implementations of firewalls, wireless routers, virtual private networks and other security settings should be outsourced to an organization that has experienced personnel dedicated to security.

What Big Data Means to Small Firms

Artist concept of an AI-based neuronFocus on the hard trends, not the things you can’t predict.

By Donny C. Shimamoto
Strategic Technology Decisions

Emerging technologies will disrupt many lower-level accounting jobs, but overall they will be a boon to the accounting profession. To be able to adopt these emerging technologies and ensure that value is gained from their proper use, accountants must begin upskilling now.

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Accountants must develop additional competencies to ensure the success of projects associated with implementing emerging technologies and enable them to be value-added advisors to their organizations and clients.

One Can’t-Skip Touch for Tax Season

Businessman talking on phone in the officePlus 4 more ideas.

By Ed Mendlowitz
Tax Season Opportunity Guide

Occasionally accountants lose touch with their clients, especially during tax season. Part of this is because of the crush of work, which is compressed into a pretty short period.

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We sometimes lose sight that we are working on something the clients consider one of the most important things in their lives at that moment.

How Does Your Firm Leverage Its Talent?

Five questions you can't say "No" to.

By Steven E. Sacks
The NEW Fundamentals

With Millennials representing 35 percent of today’s workforce, 50 percent in the next couple of years and 75 percent by 2030, the career mindset will shift even more toward moving onward and upward – and out.

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Unless you are a business owner, the days of 40-year employees have disappeared.


Reward Partners for Performing Like Partners

Piggy bank on scale with dollar signsPartnership is no time to coast.

By Marc Rosenberg
The Rosenberg Practice Management Library

Any of you who started out as sole practitioners surely remember that it was you – no one else – who made your firm successful. You brought in the business. You did top-notch work and delivered it on time. You nurtured and grew your client relationships so they came back asking for more. When you hired staff, you who were responsible for keeping them busy and training them how to do the work.

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If you took days off from these activities, guess what? No one did it for you and your firm suffered as a result.

2020 Outlook: Business Development Goes Borderless

Be ready to try new things faster.

By Jennifer Wilson

The traditional business model is under attack in so many ways including terrifically short staffing, which is leading to record profits for many firms, but also the cause of burnout and a growing sense of hopelessness and turnover, too. Leaders are being forced to rethink traditional staffing models and are realizing many of the jobs inside their firms do not require accounting graduates or CPA candidates to do them.

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Firms are simply overpaying for those roles today. This is leading to the exploration of non-CPA hires, and firms embracing outsourcing and offshoring options, especially for lower-level leveraged positions.

Keeping the Right People on the Bus

Illustration of different types of people connectedNot everyone will work out, and that's OK.

By Jody Grunden

There’s a common misnomer when it comes to retention and keeping people on the team. Retention doesn’t mean keeping every single person on your team forever.

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Not only do you want to get the right people on the bus, but you also want to get those people into the right seats. We want Summit CPA to be a great place to work, and we want great people to be working here. However, we realize it may not be the right place for every person.

The 4 Marketing Disciplines

How to deploy them as a framework for CPA firm practice development.

By Marc Rosenberg
The Rosenberg Practice Management Library

All marketing activities fall into one of four categories:

  1. Protect and grow revenue from existing clients.
  2. Identify and nurture referral sources.
  3. Focus on a well-defined group of prospects; get new clients.
  4. Support activities that complement those above.

We call these the Four Disciplines. Auditors follow certain steps of a predetermined program to perform an audit. It takes discipline to stay the course and execute the audit process.

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Marketing is no different. It requires discipline to engage in all four categories, execute the action steps continuously and avoid taking shortcuts or skipping steps altogether.