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Bowman Webinar: Inside the IRS Financial Analysis Handbook

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CPA Trendlines expert author sets sessions for Dec. 16, 20 and 21.

Join CPA Trendlines expert and best-selling author Jassen Bowman for three sessions in three days, covering how the IRS analyzes a taxpayer's financial condition and the questions the IRS often asks.

This is an online class that meets for a total of 6 CPE hours over the course of three days – Dec. 19, 20, & 21 –  from 2 pm to 3:40 pm ET (11am-12:40 pm PT) each day.

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Reeb and Cingoranelli to Host Webcasts for CPA Firm Leaders

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CPA Trendlines expert authors offer sessions on Dec. 12 & 13.

Join CPA Trendlines expert authors Bill Reeb and Dom Cingoranelli in two live webcasts for CPA firm leaders seeking:

– higher incomes
– stronger growth
– transformational change

Save up to $100 with the CPA Trendlines Special Discount. Regularly $249 per webcast. But CPA Trendlines readers pay only $199. And add up to five more registrants at only $49 each. Each webcast stands on its own. No prerequisites.


Effective Onboarding Can Boost Retention

New employee smiling and placing a plant on his deskBONUS CHECKLIST: Onboarding from before arrival to month six.

By Jon Lokhorst

Mr. Joe Employee (not his real name, but a real story) showed up for his first day of work at ABC Company, somewhat nervous but excited to tackle the challenges of a new position. Although tired from moving halfway across the country the week before to work at this company, he was eager to get off to a good start.

MORE from Jon Lokhorst: Multiply Your Value with Strategic Thinking Skills
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Joe found it strange that the offices in his small department were dark and quiet that Monday morning. Thinking his anticipation had gotten him there a bit early, he found someone in a nearby department to ask the whereabouts of his new boss and teammates. A receptionist said she would make a phone call or two while Joe explored his new workspace.

Four Amusing Millennial Myths

Three young people working in an officeAre you sure they're so different?

By Frank Stitely

No workplace topic triggers more useless diatribes and spewed nonsense than the dreaded millennial.

MORE from Frank Stitely: The Annual Tax Meeting is Dead. Clients Killed It. | 3 Rules for Asking Great Tax-Return Questions
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Know why millennials can't afford houses? Avocado toast is expensive. When millennials play Monopoly, they never buy any properties. They just circle the board and pay rent. A millennial, a Gen Xer and a Baby Boomer drive to a bar. Well, you know that story can't be true. The millennial takes Lyft. Tweet any word from a dictionary, and you'll offend a millennial somewhere.

13 Reasons Accounting Firms Merge

Executive woman and man in business meetingBONUS LIST: A 12-point look at the merger market.

By Marc Rosenberg
CPA Firm Mergers: Your Complete Guide

Why do firms merge?

Whether you’re looking to acquire a smaller firm, merge upward into a larger one or join forces with an equal, answering this basic question honestly and objectively is key to laying the groundwork for a successful merger.

MORE ON MERGERS: Mergers 101: When Negotiations Aren’t Really Negotiations | 5 Steps to Take Before Merging


Introducing the Fifth Radical Tenet: The Business Model

Businessman switching on "innovation" slider button6 barriers to innovation.

By Jody Padar
The Radical CPA

Many Radicals have already made the shift to pricing by value or a fixed price agreement. Yet, they are still tracking time.

MORE ON RADICALISM: The Value of New Ideas | Our Pain Points Are Opportunities | Transitioning to a Radical Firm: Bringing a Legacy Customer Along | The Four Tenets of Radical Firms: A Brief Review | The Radical CPA: Always Changing
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When we value our team on an hour, it leaves almost no time for innovation to occur. An incremental shift could be to allow for a certain number of innovation hours per week. However, once again, this is a huge limit on creating an innovative culture.

Why CPAs Need Video

Smiling businesswoman talking on cameraPlus some easy alternatives to the "talking head."

By Sandi Leyva
The Complete Guide to Marketing for Tax & Accounting Firms

Marketing your accounting services eventually requires a personal connection, either face to face or via phone. Using video allows you to emulate a personal connection with your prospects while leveraging your time.

MORE SMALL FIRM GROWTH STRATEGIES: How to Schedule Social Media Content | Social Media Basics for Accounting Firms | How to Maximize Online Profile Sites | Build Reputation through Credentials, Testimonials | Use Feedback for Service Innovation | Create Your Marketing Plan
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Imagine taking the time to meet every website or social media visitor in a private appointment. Impossible, right? A video enables you to say your spiel once and have it received by reaching out to hundreds, if not thousands, of interested prospects in a still quite personal way.

CPA Andrew Hunzicker Creates Course in Cannabiz Accounting

Portrait of Andrew Hunzicker

"This industry is very underserved by accountants."

By Liz Gold

Andrew Hunzicker has created a course to teach other CPAs, accountants and bookkeepers what they need to know to break into the cannabis industry.

MORE ON CANNABIZ: Jim Marty: Building a National CPA Firm for the Cannabis Industry | CPA Kim Walker: ‘We Can’t Be Afraid of Diving into Marijuana’ | A CPA’s Unexpected Journey into the Cannabis Industry | Billion-Dollar Questions: Cannabis FAQ for Accountants | The Wild World of Weed: Tax Season Never Ends
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The online six-week course, dubbed the Green Accounting Firm Startup Training Program, launched this month and participants will learn everything from the unique pain points facing cannabis CEOs to the basics of compliance and licensing. The idea is to help other accountants move into the industry.

Networking Still a Strong Lead Generator

Confident businesswoman handing man a business card in networking sessionDon't skimp on following up.

By Jean Marie Caragher

Many CPAs would rather have a tooth pulled or wait in line at the DMV than attend a networking function. Yet, networking continues to be the #1 tactic to generate leads for accounting firms.

MORE from Jean Marie Caragher: How Smart CPA Firms Use Events as a Lead Generation Tool | 14 Timely Questions for Tax Season Clients | The 12-Step Program for Building Better Client Relationships | New Webinar Series: The Truth about Advisory Services
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For a firm that was founded on networking, Herbein + Company, Inc. – a regional certified public accounting firm with six offices in Pennsylvania – continues to promote the value of building relationships through networking.

Know Where You Are Running To

Businessman crossing finish line after leaping hurdlesDo you have a goal or just a speed?

By Bill Reeb

If you decide you want to make some changes, that's great.

MORE: Refining Desire | What Does ‘Getting Stuck’ or ‘Being Stuck’ Mean? | Let Go of What You Think You Know | Roadblocks from People with Good Intentions | 3 Ways to Get ‘Unstuck’
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But before you start running away from whatever it is that you don’t like, make sure you know what you are running toward.

Consider this scenario...


New Webinar Series: The Truth about Advisory Services

Four-session January series targets growth-minded CPAs.

CPA Trendlines expert author Jean Marie Caragher of Capstone Marketing and HaydenRock Solutions are collaborating on a complimentary webinar series, “The Truth about Offering Advisory Services.”

The webinars will be offered at no charge or obligation on four consecutive Wednesdays from 2-2:30 p.m. ET.

  • Jan. 10: Why Today’s Successful Firms are Offering Advisory Services
  • Jan. 17: 4 Common Mistakes to Avoid & 4 Building Blocks to Success
  • Jan. 24: A Peek into a Proven System to Help You Become Your Clients’ Most Relevant Advisor
  • Jan. 31: How to Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever

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The agenda includes:

  • Identify client needs easily and systematically
  • Add value with “limitless expertise”
  • Implement value-based billing without looking expensive
  • Access top experts at no cost to you
  • Pinpoint new opportunities and help make them happen