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10-Step Sec. 199A Deduction Checklist for Tax Practitioners

Step 1: Tell clients of new complexity – and your extra work.

By Stephen Nelson

Wow. This Sec. 199A deduction… a big deal, right? Lots of opportunity for taxpayers. Lots of complexity for their tax advisors. And basically, no time to first learn and then apply the new law.

Given this, CPA Trendlines suggested I share our firm’s checklist for handling Sec. 199A deduction work for clients this tax season.

Don’t worry, I’ll make this quick. You and I both have tax returns to prepare, review and sign.

Step #1: Alert Clients to New Deduction


New eBook: Maximizing Sec. 199A Deductions

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Get your "pass-thru" questions answered in the new instant download.

By Stephen L. Nelson

Congress just passed the biggest tax bill in 30 years, and you’re probably already getting calls from clients in small business owners and real estate about how the new “Sec. 199A” or “Pass-Thru” deduction works.

“Maximizing Sec. 199A Deductions” e-book monograph by Stephen L. Nelson, CPA, at Evergreen Small Business Tax & Accounting, gets you immediately fluent with the new tax law, so you can confidently and comfortably talk with clients. And it outlines the urgent actions some of your clients need to take even before it's too late.

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5 Types of Partner Evaluations

Woman conducting evaluationPlus sample questions.

By Marc Rosenberg
Partner Comp: Art & Science 

Why do firms do performance evaluations of partners?

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The textbook objectives of performance evaluations are:

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Tax Pros Keep Edge in E-Filings

Chart of IRS filing statistics for the week ending March 9, 2018The IRS server load shows no signs of easing.

By Beth Bellor
CPA Trendlines

CPAs are marking the days until the end of busy season and over on the receiving side, the wheels keep turning.

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As of March 9, the latest data available, the IRS had received 69.5 million individual income tax returns, up 0.1 percent from the same period in 2017. It had processed 67.2 million returns, down 0.2 percent.

The processing rate for returns was 96.7 percent.

E-filings totaled 65.3 million, up 0.5 percent. Tax professionals filed 33.5 million of those, up 1.8 percent, and 31.8 million were self-prepared, up 3 percent. READ MORE →

Solar Panels Generate Power from Falling Raindrops

Illustration of raindrops on solar panelsNo sun? No problem.

By Rick Richardson

One of the biggest problems plaguing the widespread adoption of solar power is rainy weather.

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Solar panels are designed to convert sunlight into electricity. But when it's cloudy or rainy, they're rendered useless.

Productized 1099s the New Vision Way

Two women talkingThis is the ONLY way they're handled.

By Jody Padar
From Success to Significance: The Radical CPA Guide

Here’s the old-school way of completing 1099s:

CPA calls customer before year-end reminding them 1099s need to be completed for January. CPA reminds customer to send in names, addresses and amounts for 1099s to be issued. CPA waits for complete data, usually missing at least one address. CPA rushes at last minute to enter data in 1099 system and issue 1099s. CPAs have multiple customers who act like this, creating havoc and late nights in January.

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It doesn’t have to be this way!

How to Target Your Prospects for Sales Success

Businessman pole vaulting toward his goalAnd how to pull in help from outside your firm.

By Jean Marie Caragher

Imagine creating a vision board of the top targeted prospects you would like to obtain as clients.

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This is what happened at Legacy Professionals, a niche-focused firm headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, focused on serving employee benefit plans, labor organizations, not-for-profits and government entities.

From Martial Arts to Business: 5 Steps of Evolution

Two men training in tae kwon do at gym"While change can be risky, remaining the same can even be riskier."

By Bill Reeb

John, my instructor, teaches us that there is a hierarchy to learning martial arts.

MORE: Learn to Work ‘Better’ Instead of ‘Harder’ | What to Stop May Be More Important Than What to Do | Stop Wishing Your Life Away | Don’t Let Inertia Determine Your Direction | Let Go of What You Think You Know
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First you learn techniques, like punching and kicking. As you gain confidence in your technique, you can jump to a higher level and incorporate interval into your self-defense toolkit.

Corporate to Cannabis: Laura Durham of Kind Accounting

Portrait of Laura Durham

Required of clients: a legal bank account or detailed cash logs.

By Liz Gold

A proponent of marijuana since college, Laura Durham, CPA, went into private industry after a stint at Arthur Andersen. She worked at a beef company, a software company and later at a manufacturing company.

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It was during this time the course of her life changed.