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The New Rules for Online Meetings

Checklist: 36 do's and don't's for conducting business, some learned the hard way.

By CPA Trendlines Research

Online meetings and conferences are the new way of doing business – so new that we still haven’t settled on protocols and etiquette.

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It’s time we did.

We already have standards for in-person conferences. They’re so standard that we’ve never bothered to write them down. It goes without saying that we don’t go to meetings in our ratty bathrobes. We don’t bring our pets. We don’t have a significant other asking if we’re done yet.

We’ve been meeting via computer for only a couple of months, but certain protocols – certain do’s and don’ts – are already developing, based on research by CPA Trendlines.

You may have already noticed a few of the no-nos.


Tax Pros Hold Slimmest of Margins in E-filings

data chart
Data for the week ending May 22

But those filings remain down 17 percent.

By Beth Bellor

Bright spots keep popping up in the Internal Revenue Service's weekly data on filings. Yay!

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Unfortunately, they're in the same old spots: refunds (which don't help overworked CPAs), traffic (maybe there's where all the budget goes) and self-preparers (who even let them in?). Boo!

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