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The Role of Finance in Adaptive and Interactive Learning

Are you using everyone to their full potential?

By Jennifer Templeman

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Portrait of Jennifer Templeman

I believe in the power of creativity, in innovative thinking, and of play as a conduit to bring forth new ideas. And yes, and I’m a CFO who leads a team of finance professionals who focus on compliance, adherence to regulations, and perfecting the process of predicting and ensuring an outcome based on historic performance and data.

Despite how at odds these two confessions may seem, they work together in a way that supports my belief that finance is a department designed to lead the culture in an organization.


Building a CPA Marketer’s Tech Stack

The right tools for the job.


By Bob Goricki
Skoda Minotti

Being a CPA firm marketer means that you are often faced with two major limitations: time and budget. Unfortunately, I’m unable to create more of either, but I can point you in the direction of tools that can help maximize both.

10 More Great Tools at AAM Summit: For more tools, join Bob at the AAM Summit in Portland, Ore., May 15, at 3:50 p.m. for “10 Powerful Marketing Tools CPA Marketers Can Leverage Today.” To get more information or register for 2018 AAM Summit: Think Fresh! click here.

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At this year’s AAM Summit, I’ll be sharing 10 of my favorite tools that help CPA marketers work smarter, not harder. While the full list will have to wait until May, I want to share a few “bonus” tools in this blog to jumpstart your post busy season marketing efforts before the conference. All of the tools below are free to try, so get started today!


Why Transparency Matters to Clients

Young man in sweater and tie smiling at smartphoneIt's time to rethink how you communicate.

By Jody Padar
The Radical CPA

Social should be in your DNA. Identify the communication gatekeepers in your firm.

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Do you want everybody in your firm tweeting? It’s a good idea – just like you have all your firm members representing your firm wherever they are.

How Blockchain Is Changing Our World

Computer monitors morph into chain linksUses extend far beyond the financial sector.

By Rick Richardson

It's quickly becoming apparent that blockchain technology is about far more than just Bitcoin. Across finance, health care, media and other sectors, innovative uses are appearing every day.

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Here are some examples of blockchain in use today. While some may fail to live up to their promises, others could go on to become household names if blockchain proves itself to be as revolutionary as many are predicting.

Getting Buy-In

Businesspeople joining their hands in the sign of unity8 questions to consider.

By Rob Nixon

One of the most common questions in relation to team members is getting them to buy in to your new ideas. Having your team right behind you as you conquer the world!

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Team buy-in is all about change management. The more aligned you are as a business, the faster and easier you will be able reach your goals.

DIYers Outpace Pros in E-Filing Growth Rate

Chart of IRS filing data for week ending April 6, 2018Refunds remained down in number and total amount.

By Beth Bellor
CPA Trendlines

With 11 days left in the busy season, the pros were struggling to keep their share of e-filings.

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As of April 6, the latest data available, the IRS had received 103.8 million individual income tax returns, up 0.1 percent from the same period the previous year. It had processed 101.1 million of them, also up 0.1 percent.

Gross Profit in a Professional Services Firm: Opening a Dialogue

Plus specific ways to improve in services, marketing, sales, delivery and support.

By August J. Aquila
Price It Right

Accounting firms focus on top-line revenue or net profit. But are they focusing on what really matters?

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Profitable businesses involve more than just selling more products and services to increase revenues. There is an old joke in the retail business: A salesperson tells the manager that they are losing $1 on every shirt they sell. The manager says, “Don’t worry, we can make it up in volume.”