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Building a High-Net-Worth Practice During COVID-19

woman and man wearing masks, looking at laptopThe four types of professionals … and which one you need to be.

By Anthony Glomski and Russ Alan Prince
Your $5-Million High-Net-Worth Practice

Over the last decade with rising markets and the ranks of the wealthy swelling, it has certainly been possible to build a $5 million high-net-worth practice. Even with soaring competition, using the very same approach as we are discussing, you could have consistently generated those kinds of revenues or better.

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So, what is the difference today? The difference is COVID-19.

Client Accounting Services: The Definitive Guide

There are challenges, but also great opportunities.

Client Accounting Services:
Challenges and Opportunities
Join the Conversation. Launch the Questionaire.

With this post, CPA Trendlines is launching a new series of articles and an expansion of our coverage into client accounting services, the fast-growing, but still much-misunderstood growth opportunity. With a special mix of technology savvy and visionary insight, Hitendra Patil, the best-selling author of Accountaneur for CPA Trendlines, is uniquely positioned to tackle the tough questions, and to unearth the best solutions.  We look forward to hearing from you – your experiences, opinions, questions, comments, ideas and suggestions. – Rick Telberg, editor and publisher

By Hitendra Patil

Client Accounting Services is becoming an increasingly important new revenue and growth segment for accounting firms of all sizes. Yet, professionals are still grasping for the best practices, adjusting service bundles, searching for the right technologies, and optimizing prices.

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CAS is, first, a mindset. It exists in every professional accountant. Some know it exists in them. Some don’t. Some know that the CAS mindset exists in them but do not make the most of it. Instead, they try to become everything to everyone. They become more of “need-fillers” than “accounting entrepreneurs (Accountaneurs®).” They find it challenging to become the “most trusted advisors” of their clients. Those who don’t know that the CAS mindset exists in them feel it will be overwhelmingly difficult to “learn” the CAS mindset. They may try to acquire the mindset but give up too soon.

Listening: How a Conversation Works

Man in business suit listening attentively to coworkerIt’s the best way to create a sense of trust.

By Steven E. Sacks
The NEW Fundamentals

You have probably heard the aphorism, “God gave you two ears and one mouth, so you should be listening twice as much as speaking.”

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It, therefore, stands to reason that if you intend to listen, you should know how to manage a conversation. One of the quickest ways to create an obstacle to a two-way conversation is beginning a sentence with words that will elicit only a “yes,” “no” or “I don’t know.”

Hate Billing? Use a Different Method

Businessmen standing on dollar billWhat services do your clients value the most?

By Jody Grunden
Building the Virtual CFO Firm in the Cloud

When I attend CPA conferences across the United States, I often hear from CPAs: “I don’t want to bill for my time.”

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So, how do you bill your clients?

How Are You Programming Your Mind?

Calm balanced businessman sitting outdoors on bench in Yoga lotus pose meditating, with office building and blue sky in backgroundMeditation is one way, but there are others.

By Bill Reeb

Your mind is the most powerful resource available to you. It is easy to think of it as a supercomputer, running your physical being: constantly compiling data, processing complex transactions, creating internally revealed reports and so on.

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We know through research that most of us barely tap into our brain’s full capability, so it is also not hard to get complacent and deem the brain to be some magical organ that we just hope keeps running properly. As well, it is easy for us to get comfortable interacting with our minds as if we were only data entry operators rather than the brain’s lead programmer.

Why Lists Are Not Leads

Jassen Bowman: "Client dollars are really the only vote that matters when it comes to marketing decisions."Marketing requires ruthless accountability.

By Jassen Bowman

At all times and in all circumstances, you need to hold your marketing ruthlessly accountable for results.

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This is an inherent difference between direct response marketing and image advertising or branding. In a practical sense, this means that you need to test, track and measure everything you do in your marketing.

Is It Time to Hire a Marketing Consultant?

two masked people meeting in an officeFour questions to ask yourself first, plus 10 more things to know.

By Marc Rosenberg
CPA Firm Growth: Keys to Practice Development

Many firms struggle with revenue growth for many years and then, reach the point when reality sets in: The partners recognize they don’t have the skills or the desire to be active and effective at business development.


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Many of these firms decide to hire a marketing consultant to jump-start their marketing and get them on a path to growth.


Three W’s for Networking the Right Way

People standing, holding food and talkingWho, what and where: The keys to smarter networking.

By Ty Hendrickson

Do you ever feel frustrated that you put yourself out there in networking situations, but you just don’t see the results you want?

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So, what’s the secret to being efficient with business development and not getting burnt out on all of these after-hours networking events?