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How to Set Up a Social Media Plan

Team of 5 coworkersBONUS: Examples of how to choose a tone for your message.

By Becky Livingston
The Accountant’s Social Media Handbook

Leveraging a strong team – either internally or externally – to help create a day-to-day presence on social media is important.

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However, you may be a sole practitioner or own a small firm that doesn’t have the staff to manage such a presence. That’s okay, there are many marketing firms that specialize in social media for CPA firms.

Three Ways to Calculate Goodwill Payable in Partner Buyouts, None of Them Great

Pen, eyeglasses, calculator and magnifying glass on financial reportsSome methods can damage the firm.

By Marc Rosenberg
Retirements & Buyouts

CPA firms use a number of methods to calculate the goodwill payable to a retiring partner.

Here are three less commonly used.

1. Ownership Percentage

This method has clear detriments. Firms should look at goodwill benefits as deferred compensation. Both current and deferred compensation should be performance-based; ownership percentage is not performance-based and is often highly illogical.


The 10 Fastest-Growing Industries In The U.S.

The race for fast-moving clients.

By CPA Trendlines

If you already have clients in the information technology industries, you probably already know that keeping up with new developments is a challenge.

But do you know about the other nine of top ten fastest growing industries that should be attracting intense CPA firm competition?

According to new data from Sageworks, a financial information company, construction-related businesses make up much of the rest of the list.


Surgent Launches Webinar Series with All-Star Lineup of Experts


Telberg joins new Surgent's webinar series.

By CPA Trendlines

CPA Trendlines publisher Rick Telberg is joining Surgent, the continuing professional education provider for CPAs and other accounting, financial, and tax professionals, as a presenter in the new monthly premium webinar series, Surgent Futurecast™, a series of timely, practical 1-hour webinars taught by an all-star cast of leading national tax and accounting experts.

Learn more and register at
Futurecast Webinars

The new series demonstrates Surgent’s mission to go beyond just providing the CPE credits that CPAs and other professionals must earn to maintain their professional credentials; instead Surgent aims to serve as the most reliable and trustworthy source of the ever-evolving practical and strategic information CPAs, EAs, and other tax and financial professionals need to excel professionally.


Get in Front of Application Updates

Young woman updating software on desktop computerInvolve your IT team for server updates.

By Roman H. Kepczyk
Quantum of Paperless

Every firm has concerns about their systems being hacked or getting attacked by a virus or malware.

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The 2016 CPAFMA IT survey found that 15 percent of firms had been infected with malware that caused significant downtime in the past 12 months. The vast majority of issues can be effectively negated with one simple process: KEEP YOUR SOFTWARE UPDATED.

New App Claims to Improve Your Vision

Screenshot of GlassesOff appThe downside: It's work, not fun.

By Rick Richardson
Technology This Week

Presbyopia, or farsightedness caused by the loss of elasticity in your eyes as you age, affects 83 percent of adults over the age of 45 in North America, and nearly everyone is forced to wear glasses by the time they hit 50.

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Combined with an increasing concern for the long-term effects of staring at a screen all day, the future starts to look blurry. But studies show that smartphone apps might retrain your brain to improve your sight.

8 Ways to Improve Firm Profits

Because businesses make money, right?

By Rob Nixon

The purpose of any business is to find and keep customers. So you have a marketing and sales function to find them and then you have great service and services that "wows" them into staying with you.

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That’s all well and good for your clients. What about you? You’ve taken a risk to start/buy your business (it’s not a practice and you need to stop practicing – you’ve been practicing long enough) and you need to be rewarded.

The Cannabis Industry: A Complete Tax Analysis

Piggy bank with marijuana leaf painted on it, atop a calculatorCOGS becomes a legal quagmire.

By Craig W. Smalley

Twenty-eight states and the District of Columbia have made cannabis legal in one way or another.

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The problem is when you are dealing with the federal government. Cannabis is an illegal Schedule I narcotic.

Following Up After Tax Season

Stacks of papers on the corner of a deskLay the foundation for work you didn't have time to do earlier this year.

By Ed Mendlowitz
The CPA Trendlines Practice Doctor

If you were paying attention during tax season, you likely picked up on other services your clients might need.

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Here is a checklist of 15 possible additional services, plus a form to track your follow-up.