Don’t Wait for Business to Come to You

hand using key to unlock doorIt’s called failure to implement. Ouch.

By Martin Bissett
Practice Growth Checklist

Have you noticed all of those titles in the local bookstore or at the airport offering us the “key” to this and the “key” to that, the “six keys” to one thing, and the “four keys” to another?

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It also seems that every book is a “game-changer” now, to the point where it is difficult to understand what the game is anymore, never mind how to play it.

How Apple Augmented Reality Could Shape All Future Computers

After headsets would be glasses and contact lenses.

By Rick Richardson

A respected Apple analyst recently made a startling prediction about mixed reality/augmented reality: “We believe that MR/AR products could replace all display-equipped electronics in the long term,” said analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. He expects Apple to play a big part in taking these emerging technologies mainstream.

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He predicted that Apple will build several MR/AR products, eventually leading to augmented reality contact lenses. Because of these predictions, he believes that MR/AR could be the default human-machine interface in the future.

Are You Marketing for 2022 Yet?

It’s not too early to plan for next season.

By Ed Mendlowitz
Tax Season Opportunity Guide

Marketing takes many forms. Further, many accountants are not trained in marketing. I also know that while most CPAs want more business, they are too busy with what they have to be actively seeking new business. Additionally, marketing can be external, internal or retentive.

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External is where new clients are solicited. That takes effort, ingenuity, time and maybe even some money.

Seven Tips to Keep the Clients You Have

Woman wearing orange shirt texting on a smartphone walking in the street in a sunny day“Just about every time I called or emailed a client, they would think of more work for me.”

By Sandi Leyva
The Complete Guide to Marketing for Tax & Accounting Firms

It’s far less expensive to keep your existing clients happy than it is to find new clients, especially because the trust factor between people continues to decline year after year. You might want to think about redirecting a portion of your marketing attention on your existing client base instead of networking for new clients. (And by the way, sending clients an organizer is not marketing!)

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Here are some tips to mine the pot of gold that lies right before you: your current clients who already trust you and are eager to hear about new solutions that will ease their pain and problems.

Women Lag Men in Accounting Jobs Recovery

New records set in hourly earnings.

By Beth Bellor

Across the tax and accounting industry, almost all the jobs relinquished by men in the Coronavirus layoffs have been regained by men. The jobs given up by women, on the other hand, are still largely vacant.

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Overall, the tax, accounting, tax prep, payroll, and bookkeeping sectors employed 1.02 million full-time equivalents in March 2020, before 70,000 layoffs hit in April. So far, the industry has re-filled all but 17,600 positions.