Prepping for Post-Crisis Opportunities
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Don’t Let Opportunities Become Detours

Perception vs. reality: How opportunities can cause chaos.

How to stay on track toward your goals amid chaos and confusion.

By Bill Reeb

Without clear direction, every alternative seems like an opportunity.

But with direction comes a course of action, whether that is to preserve what you have or achieve something different.

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Knowing what direction you want to head will drive the creation of a plan. And the greatest benefit of planning is that it provides you with a sanity check to know when you are drifting off course.

Regardless of whether we are talking about your personal life, career, or business, I believe it is nearly impossible to get to your desired destination or to accomplish your goals in a straight line.

We end up straying from our original course because of the mistakes we make along the way. Opportunities become detours. And chaos ensues

Beat the Covid Crisis with These 20 Steps for Your Firm and Your Clients

The ultimate checklist for focusing on cash, communication, continuity – and accepting uncertainty.

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By CPA Trendlines Research

The toll of Covid-19 on business will be an ongoing trauma. It ain’t gonna be over ’til it’s over, and that ain’t gonna be for a long, long time.

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To survive, tax and accounting practices are going to need to take precautionary and proactive measures to ensure their financial continuity. Those measures must necessarily include guidance for clients to help them survive. Because failing clients mean failing firms.

Crisis management is a lot easier if it starts before the crisis hits. Here are some steps that accountants can take for themselves and their clients, gleaned from the thousands of accountants and advisors we’ve been hearing from over the past several weeks. READ MORE →

Covid Launches a New Reality: Now What?

^Click to play: Aquila addresses Covid crisis response strategies.

Eight new trends you can’t ignore in the new normal.

By August Aquila

Every day we get a clearer picture of what the future holds for the accounting profession, business in general and the overall population. While the future may look daunting, we will do our best to make the most of it and come out stronger. It’s what we have always done.

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Nevertheless, don’t plan on the old ways coming back. I just read that more than 60,000 accountants have already lost their jobs. Perhaps, the war for talent will be over. There will be further reductions in the professional service workforce and firms will be able to pick and choose from the talent pool.

Confronting Leadership: Not Such a Bad Thing

Two businessmen arguingHow do people respond when a goal isn’t met?

By Steven E. Sacks

If you created a leadership team around you that exhibits the healthfulness of organizational conflict, constructive advice, scenario planning and the flexibility of employing Plans B, C and D, you have created a strong foundation – a far different and more effective approach than the “My way or the highway” thinking. You need to think about what the challenges are to your leadership and the long-term viability of the firm.

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The avoidance of conflict has morphed into a misguided sense of consensus building. Standing up to philosophical differences with the purest of intentions is a positive; it is not destructive in nature.

The REAL Problems Created in a Remote Workforce

Three hidden dangers and the two essentials for success.

By Ty Hendrickson, CPA

Working from home creates problems, but these problems are not the ones that firm leaders are concerned about right now.

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I have never seen so many people terrified of a working environment, as I’ve seen over the past month with employees sent home to work. Firm leaders are panicked about productivity and work ethic, which I find hilarious because you are essentially saying that you don’t trust your employees. You don’t trust them to do the same job at home because you aren’t there to monitor their every move. If you don’t trust your employees, why did you hire them in the first place?!


Trust Is a Key Organizational Ingredient

Two businesswomen talking by office windowRelationships have become more important.

By Steven E. Sacks

It is important for the next generation to believe in the concept of trust. To trust and be trusted, leaders must

  • self-assess and be sure they can trust themselves,
  • announce to the firm what the goals and their intentions are,
  • practice what is being preached and
  • create a culture where trust leads to inspiration and enthusiasm.

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CPA firms that look to the next generation of leaders have created their own templates: a composite profile of the traits that are necessary to thrive as a partner. What is/was considered leadership potential differs in firms. And because priorities differ, some emphasize authenticity, some a high EQ, some rainmaking abilities and some strategic thinking.

There Is No Leadership Without Integrity

Young businesswoman sitting at workplace and looking at camera in office

Competence alone is not enough.

By Steven E. Sacks

Those thrust into leadership positions need only one arrow in their quiver: integrity. Whether in business or politics, if you can speak truth to power while understanding and accepting the risks, then you have integrity. How many bad situations remain unresolved or allowed to fester because no one steps up to recognize a wrong or untruth?

Often, would be a fair guess.

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Think about it: If someone speaks out on those issues important to him or her, it uncovers the nature or character of that person. A basic element to have is authenticity. It comes with a risk of having our words manipulated or “spun” for someone’s or some group’s own benefit. We can feel belittled because of criticism, and also feel that our inner core is being destroyed.