The Four Flavors of Niche Strategies

But it depends on your taste for risk. by Jean Marie Caragher Capstone Marketing There are at least four types of opportunities your firm can pursue in considering new niche growth, each with its own level of risk: 1. Market penetration. … Continued

25 Questions to Ask Before You Launch a Niche

For instance: Can your firm deliver? by Jean Marie Caragher Capstone Marketing Niche marketing is the decision to use a mix of marketing tools to address a specific target: a niche in the market. Using the information gathered in your marketing … Continued

Thinking Niche? Start with a Marketing Audit

Three things to know before jumping in. by Jean Marie Caragher Capstone Marketing You can’t start thinking about selecting a niche until you have a firm grasp of your firm’s current situation. That’s why you need a marketing audit of … Continued

4 Keys to Winning Today’s Competitive Battle

At your firm, who’s the chief change officer? By Jean Caragher and Rick Telberg Organizations with strong learning cultures have 37 percent greater employee productivity, are 32 percent more likely to be first to market and are 17 percent … Continued

11 Clues Your Clients Are Losers

SevenKeys CPA research shows that the best firms are three times more likely than laggards to fire clients. via AccountingWEB Firing clients is an effective way to manage growth and profitability. Clients should be evaluated on a variety of criteria … Continued