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Developing Your Office 365 Deployment Strategy

Don't treat it as just an extension of your desktop applications. That's a waste.

By John Higgins
CPA Crossings

Once you have made the decision to commit to deploying Office 365 in your organization, it is important that you develop a deployment strategy. This will determine whether you achieve success or failure.

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There are countless examples of organizations that treat Office 365 as simply an extension of the Microsoft Office desktop applications. They simply make Office 365 available to their staff without any advanced planning or training. A sure recipe for disaster.

My goal is to provide you with some insight into how to effectively plan for your Office 365 deployment to maximize the return on your investment and optimize the efficiency in your workflows. READ MORE →

Microsoft and Oracle Join Cloud Forces to Take on Amazon

Illustration of companies working togetherWho are they targeting? Large business and government customers.

By Rick Richardson

Microsoft and Oracle recently said they reached an agreement to make their two cloud computing services work together with high-speed links between their data centers, targeting significant business users and uniting against cloud computing leader Amazon Web Services.

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The two companies said the high-speed link between their data centers would start with facilities in the eastern United States and spread to other regions. They will also work together to let joint users login to services from either company with a single user name and get tech support from either company.

Growing with a Client

Businesspeople coming together to cup hands and hold dirt and a seedlingResponsiveness benefits both of you.

By Ed Mendlowitz
Call Me Before You Do Anything: The Art of Accounting

I’ve told the story of how we were hired to prepare corporate tax returns at a much higher fee than the client said they wanted to pay. This client grew to become our largest client. Here is how it happened.

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We completed the initial work earlier than the deadline, raising the confidence level with us. We were then asked to bid on a system evaluation of a small retail chain they owned and were thinking of expanding. This was also a fixed fee. Next came an audit of their employee benefit plan, then some pricing consulting, and a flow of continuous phone calls with tax and accounting questions and eventually an audit of their company.

3 Ways to Improve IRS Levies

Hand drawing a rainbow-colored 3Because common sense isn't always common.

By CPA Trendlines Research

There’s a rumor that the pillared citadel of the Internal Revenue Service on Constitution Avenue has a secret room where no one ever goes. It’s the largest room in the building, yet empty save for distant echoes in the dark. The room has a name. It’s called The Room for Improvement.

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OK, that’s an exaggeration. The IRS is constantly improving, at least when Congress gives it the funds to do so.

But that doesn’t mean The Room isn’t there.

15 Awesome Tactics for Running a CPA Firm

Businessman writing to do listA checklist you can implement NOW.

By Marc Rosenberg
The Rosenberg Practice Management Library

Haven’t we all learned the hard way that the best way to solve a problem is not to let it arise in the first place?

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Let's start with a great example: Hiring. READ MORE →

Change Happens: How to Master It.

What's next: "Smart" helmets powered by AI and AR.

By Bill Reeb

"Change” isn’t something you are expected to do once in a while anymore, but rather, “change” is something we are asked to do constantly.

MORE ON PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT: What Happens When You DON’T Push Work Down | Why You Must Constantly Push Work Down
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Even while one change is in process, we often are asked to start another change.


9 Key Insights for Practice Excellence

Illustration listing key insightsBe ready for growing pains.

By Kayleigh Padar

Karbon’s latest Practice Excellence Scorecard report reveals nine key insights to promote success – from suggesting expert help to reminding firms to consistently update business processes.

The study has assessed 250 accounting firms so far and identified the common challenges firms are facing and the ways they’re overcoming them.

The data from the report is used in Karbon’s new interactive quiz, which scores a firm compared to other firms and provides insight on what areas firms should improve on.

The 5 Meetings of the (True) Wealth Management Process


Flow chart of process

Why each is necessary.

By Anthony Glomski

As discussed in Collaborative Wealth Management: Defining the Framework, it’s in vogue for financial services workers to call themselves wealth managers or wealth advisors. But, research shows that only a small fraction of these workers really provide clients with a complete and consultative approach to managing their complex financial lives.

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Regardless of which acronym(s) you have on your business card after “CPA,” one way to assure clients and prospective clients that you’re a true wealth manager is to have a carefully defined wealth management process in place.

iComply Helping Cannabusinesses Stay Ahead of the Curve

Portrait of Mark Slaugh

When white collars and green collars come together.

By Liz Gold

Mark Slaugh’s company, iComply, is experiencing triple growth year after year. Because as cannabis businesses get more sophisticated, their market’s regulators do as well.

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Through a mix of packages and training, iComply is helping cannabis businesses stay compliant by allowing them to choose a level of protection. This ranges from do-it-yourself compliance guidance to more comprehensive offerings.

How to Create Good Managers

Young woman lying on the desk at office and holding magic wand in her handYour deadline is April 5, not April 15. Here's why.

By Frank Stitely
The Relentless CPA

Good managers are a special breed. They possess that most valuable, difficult and rare of skills – the ability to review others’ work.

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Review skills require deep technical knowledge combined with an extraordinary attention to detail. And that’s not all. They need dazzling communication skills to be able to deliver criticism gently.

My First Thought Is to Never Turn Down Business

Someone else could do it, but why?

By Ed Mendlowitz
Call Me Before You Do Anything: The Art of Accounting

One of my partners once was asked to recommend an accountant who could do corporate tax returns for a very large company.

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He was told it would take about 20 days and the fixed fee was an amount that was about a third of our normal rates. My partner was going to refer a CPA who sublet from us who seemed to have the time and he asked me if I thought the accountant could do it.