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Jobs Report: 43,000 New Hires

Hourly pay averages $33.53, up 4%.

By Beth Bellor
CPA Trendlines

As 2019 dawns, the most stunning trends in hiring in the tax and accounting industry is in payroll services, which shows year-over-year increases of 7 percent or more in overall employment, according to an exclusive CPA Trendlines analysis. Meanwhile, tax prep continues its slow slide.

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In this report, CPA Trendlines reports:

  • Current hiring trends in each of the bookkeeping, payroll, tax and CPA segments of the industry.
  • Average hourly wages for key segments
  • Typical hours worked per week
  • Trends concerning women in the accounting workforce


Charitable Giving under TCJA

Donor-advised funds can be a simpler option.

By Barry J. Friedman, CPA

The new tax law nearly doubles the standard deduction for individuals and families, simplifying the filing process for millions of Americans, but complicating giving strategies for many who have made a habit of deducting their charitable contributions.

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Indeed, an estimate from the Washington, D.C., Tax Policy Center is that the number of itemizers will drop from 46 million to 13 million. That means most taxpayers will have little tax incentive to donate cash or stock to charity, reducing giving by $13 billion to $20 billion a year.

The New $99 Tax Service for the Masses

Page of calendar showing date of 15th“Taxes should be as easy as ordering a cab.”

By Rick Richardson

The only sure things in this life, according to Ben Franklin, are death and taxes. And a new startup called Visor has just raised $9 million in financing to make one of them as painless as possible.

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Unlike Dr. Jack Kevorkian (remember “Doctor Death”), Visor won’t kill anyone, but it may ring the death knell for the high-end tax advisors that most Americans can’t even access to get help filing and paying their taxes. It’s like having a personalized accountant for the cost of a high-end, do-it-yourself tax-prep service.

Training that Works

Woman training man at computerRemember to ask personnel for their input, too.

By Roman H. Kepczyk
Quantum of Paperless

For many firms, the ability to identify, standardize and implement best practices is the last remaining competitive advantage in business today as communications tools and access to technology have become available to everyone.

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To take advantage of the continuous stream of innovation and opportunities, firms must adopt a “learning culture.” This requires a formal process to capture and standardize best practices in every department within the firm so that every person can take advantage of them.

Staffers Need to Speak Up with Clients

Two women talking5 takeaways.

By Ed Mendlowitz
Call Me Before You Do Anything: The Art of Accounting

I started my third job one year and seven months after I graduated college. I was hired as a “junior” but felt I was more experienced because I was doing “higher level” work at my previous job.

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The first week at my new job, I was sitting at a long table in the staff room with two other junior accountants, footing 50-page, 10-column schedules and similar work. I mean footing. This was January 1965 and we did not have calculators or adding machines. There was one Monroe calculator in the office, and if you wanted percentages you literally had to wait on line to get a turn using it.

2019: Using M&A to Launch Consulting


Technology drives hours down 40%; how will your firm cope?

By Terry Putney
The Rosenberg Survey: National Study of CPA Firm Statistics

The market for mergers is clearly moving toward narrow selection criteria for the acquiring side of transactions. Part of this is because of the increasing numbers of firms seeking to be acquired that are available. However, acquiring firms are also much more strategic with their objectives for an acquisition.

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Strong organic growth means pure revenue acquisition is not enough anymore. Firms with a need for a near-term succession of a substantial portion of the partner group are finding fewer takers among the larger firms. Firms that can be acquired to help grow and launch non-traditional, non-compliance-oriented service lines are in high demand.

The Holy Grail: Finding the Right Talent

Two businesswomen meeting in an officeThe 3 elements that matter. OK, maybe 4.

By Steven E. Sacks

We get so hung up on generational labels: Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and now Gen Z. As a result, we ascribe certain characteristics or behaviors to each one – whether fair or not.

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Adherence to the labels can cause a hiring manager or an executive to overlook the contributions each cohort can make to an organization. Potential stars are overlooked and the usual reliance on outdated search approaches continues unabated.

Moving Beyond 280E: Dean Guske on the Cannabusiness

Portrait of Dean Guske

Why the industry is in a sweet spot right now.

By Liz Gold

Here’s a piece of advice for accountants and CPAs in the cannabusiness industry – don’t get hung up on 280E.

That’s right, you read correctly.

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At least, according to Dean Guske, CPA, MST and owner of Guske & Company in Bellevue, Washington.

Don’t Be Someone Else’s Rug

Businessman with hand extended in "no" gestureThere's almost always a win-win available.

By Bill Reeb

In the ’70s, there was a big movement in business culture to learn to be more assertive, aptly called “assertiveness training.” Michaelle was quick to enroll because this was an important skill set to call upon, especially with many women moving into jobs that had historically been held by men (Michaelle was a systems engineer with IBM during this period). The concept was simple: “You need to speak your mind, ask for what you want, demand what is fair and don’t let yourself be a rug for everyone to step on.”

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In our early years working at IBM together, when one of the secretaries needed to step away or take a  break, she would often come over to Michaelle and ask her to cover with typing, answering the phone and so on. In addition to the fact that she held the professional job of being a systems specialist, Michaelle also had earned her undergraduate degree in psychology and an MBA with a concentration in accounting. I just had a bachelor’s degree in business – far less educated – yet no one ever asked me to fill in.

CPAs Can’t Help You

Young Asian entrepreneur reading magazineLook outside the CPA world for practice management answers.

By Frank Stitely
The Relentless CPA

There are no easy answers. The people who are selling “Firm of the Future” once sold "elder care" as the future. Did you make a killing off elder care? That was one rotting corpse of an idea.

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