Ron Seigneur Blazes New Trails in Cannabis

The legendary proponent of CPA business valuation is finding new challenges and opportunities in the cannabis industry.

If you don’t know Ron Seigneur, you should. He’s an important part of the modern history of the CPA profession, first coming to national prominence 30 years ago when he led the charge for a business valuation credential for CPAs.

Today, at age 66, he’s turning his talents and passion to cannabis clients.

In this extended interview, he describes the unpredictable career path that brought him to prominence in not one but two centuries, fighting not one, but two battles for high standards and fair treatment

His story is personal, professional and provocative.

And, he’s co-written one of the most authoritative books on the subject: The Cannabis Industry Accounting and Appraisal Guide: Indispensable Resources on Taxation, Financial Accounting, and the Appraisal of Cannabis-Related Intellectual Property and Business Interests.