Content Categories and How to Leverage Them

Chart of social media content categoriesMatch leads to streams.

By Becky Livingston

To start in social media, you’ll only need four or five categories – start small, or you’ll get overwhelmed.

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In this example, I have stripped down some client specifications to the bare minimum, just to show the categories of content they decided to use.

Match Content to Categories

By matching content to categories, you create information streams that you can pull from whenever a need arises. This gives you the flexibility to create one piece of content that may be used multiple times across the buying journey.

Match Leads to Streams

Now that you have your nurture streams, make sure you’re putting each lead in the right stream. You can use a combination of demographic data, as well as behavioral data, to deliver the most relevant, engaging content to your leads. Once your streams are in place, you can make a list of triggers – behaviors that indicate a lead should be transitioned from one stream to another.

For example: If someone visits your pricing page three times within a week, you might want them to be transitioned to an accelerated, more aggressive steam. Your marketing automation platform will listen for these triggers, and transition leads accordingly.

Use firm assets: Whitepaper, eBook, video, slide deck, sample kit, checklist, webinar, FAQs, data sheets, free trial, demo, consultation, coupon, proposal

How Often?

This is a marketing campaign diagram, but each of these elements for each category may have started as a social media post. As a person works his/her way through the sales funnel, they will move into a category lead, where you need to connect with him/her to begin the sales process.

Schedule of when to contact social media visitors










The Process Diagram Social Media and Marketing















  1. Think about your assets – the stuff you can give away. List them.
  1. Create the content categories.
  1. Put the assets in various parts of the lead stream – assets can go in more than one category:









  1. Determine how often to contact the lead stream and by what method.
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