DIYers Outpace Pros in E-Filing Growth Rate

Chart of IRS filing data for week ending April 6, 2018Refunds remained down in number and total amount.

By Beth Bellor
CPA Trendlines

With 11 days left in the busy season, the pros were struggling to keep their share of e-filings.

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As of April 6, the latest data available, the IRS had received 103.8 million individual income tax returns, up 0.1 percent from the same period the previous year. It had processed 101.1 million of them, also up 0.1 percent.

The IRS kept grinding out returns at a respectable pace, processing 97.4 percent of receipts.

E-filing receipts totaled 95.9 million, up 0.5 million.

Of those, 54.3 million were prepared by tax professionals, down 0.8 percent. Self-prepapers e-filed 41.6 million returns, up 2.2 percent.

Pros have handled 56.6 percent of e-filings.

Visits to continued well above pace at 342.1 million, up 23.9 percent.

Total refunds issued numbered 79.1 million, down 1.5 percent. The total amount refunded was $226.6 billion, down 1 percent. The average refund of $2,864 was up 0.5 percent.

Total direct deposit refunds issued was 68.2 million, down 1.5 percent. The total amount, $205.6 billion, was down 1.4 percent. The average direct deposit refund of $3,013 was up 0.1 percent.

Direct deposit is preferred by 86.3 percent of filers receiving refunds.

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