Eleven Easy Ways to Deliver More Value to Clients

(And add to revenues.)

By Sandi Smith

As you build your relationships with your clients, it’s always a good thing to see how you can serve them even better.

Here are eleven ways you can add value to your existing services which will enable you to stand out from the competition, serve the client better, and put more green in your bank account.

As you go through the list, check them off to see which ones you are doing, and which ones sound good to add to your business.

1. Offer add-on peace of mind services

If you are in the information business, offer to run or set up a backup system, store a backup of what you just did, or otherwise keep copies of your work so that the client does not have to worry about recovery issues. If you offer products, this may translate into an insured package that can be tracked and monitored. What kind of safety net can you think of to create for your clients?