Accountants See Solid Business Gains in 2015

Accountants report new highs in confidence levels for themselves and their firms, while casting a darker outlook on their client base and the nation as a whole.

CPA Trendlines Strategy Shift Report: Accounting firms around the world reap benefits of easing oil prices, government stimulus and innovation.

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CPA Trendlines

Tax and accounting practitioners are heading into a new year and a new busy season markedly more confident and optimistic than they’ve been in years, according to the 10th annual CPA Trendlines Strategy Shift Report.

Kathy Bennett
Kathy Bennett

Professionals from Milwaukee to Tucson and Karachi to Kampala are telling CPA Trendlines of brightening business forecasts for their firms in 2015.

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Fully 71 percent of professionals say they are more than somewhat confident in the business and economic outlook for their firms, with a record 30 percent telling CPA Trendlines they are “highly confident” for the prospects of their business.

To be sure, they are less certain about the prospects for their client base or the nation as a whole than they are for themselves, their families and their firms.