When Your Business Card Works Against You

Woman and man exchanging business cardsAre you making any of these 12 common errors?

By Sandi Smith Leyva
The Accountant’s Accelerator

The lowly business card: We don’t give it a second thought before we get the thing printed up, and we just do what everyone else does.

Many people, new in business, get the business cards printed before they’re really ready to, which causes many of the mistakes I list below. Experienced or new, you’re missing huge opportunities to let your business card take some of the work off your shoulders. We may take it for granted, but I feel that your business card is one of your most important pieces of marketing collateral – and the most underutilized.

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Here are my suggestions for how to get your business card working as hard as you do. If you want to play along, pull out your business card, and see if your card is guilty of any of these first four no-no’s.