In ‘Accountaneur,’ CPA Trendlines Author Explores What Makes an Entrepreneurial Accountant

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CPA Trendlines is pleased to announce the publication of Accountaneur: The Entrepreneurial Accountantthe new handbook for accountants on seizing the future, by Hitendra R. Patil.

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Gleaning lessons from neuroscience, technology, and behavioral economics, Hitendra R. Patil shows tax and accounting professionals what it takes to succeed in today’s dynamic competitive environment.

Every accountant may possess comparable technical skills. But Patil shows that success in today’s profession is driven by disruptive ideas in innovation, client service, and talent management. In more than 50 bite-size chapters drawn from the pages of, the author takes practitioners step-by-step through the process of understanding today’s powerful trends, harnessing those forces, and forging new strategies to grow and profit today and into the future.

He goes to the soul of an entrepreneurial accountant, explaining, “the difference between an Accountaneur® and an accountant lies in his or her traits, strengths, talents, skills, values and beliefs.”

“Are you an Accountaneur®? If you work for yourself or if you have created jobs for others in the tax and accounting profession, you are an entrepreneur, rather an Accountaneur®. You are an Accountaneur® if you chose not take up a job, but chose instead to create a business.” In short, Accountaneur is a mind-expanding exploration of the boundless opportunities that lie ahead for the tax and accounting professional who is ready, willing, and able to imagine them. Patil proves to be an excellent guide to the new world.

 About the Author

Hitendra R. Patil explores how insights from behavioral economics apply to the tax and accounting profession. His findings have enriched lives and businesses of many professionals. Patil, who holds advanced degrees in business and science, has lived nearly 25 years of his working life entirely in technology-driven businesses, mostly in the financial services industry. He has donned many hats – from clerical beginnings to C-level executive positions, climbing the corporate ladder; from doing to getting things done; from process task decisions to financial risk analysis; from operations to business development to marketing to sales to technology to human resources management. Everything has contributed to a mind deeply trained on how to help people achieve their potential and transform their lives.

He has been working professionally with accountants and CPAs for over a decade as the leader of a company producing work for accountants and tax professionals, day in, day out, giving him rare insight and perspective on the industry’s challenges and opportunities.

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