Accountant’s Accelerator Rolls Out Marketing Videos for Accounting Firms videos to add to firms’ marketing mix.

Accountant’s Accelerator, a provider of practice development tools and education for tax and accounting firms, is rolling out a line of pre-made videos for firms to add to their marketing mix.

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Accountants have long been frustrated with how to add video to their marketing, according to Sandi Leyva, founder and president of Accountant’s Accelerator and a CPA Trendlines expert contributor.

Accelerator Videos make it easy by doing all the work for accounting firm owners. Customers get subscription access to a library of ready-made videos on services like tax preparation and planning, bookkeeping, payroll, controller services, advisory, and tax resolution. If just one video fills the need, customers can purchase it individually. Video lengths and formats are optimally designed for web page display as well as social media posting.

Accelerator Videos customers also have two choices when it comes to customization: they can get the videos as is or the last slide of the video can be customized with the business’s contact information and logo.

Video is hands-down, the most profitable way to reach prospects, cut down on customer service, and wow clients.  According to Unbounce, including video on a web page can increase conversion by 80 percent. Mist Media reports that the average internet user spends 88 percent more time on a site with video. And 73 percent of B2B organizations that use video in some capacity in their marketing campaigns report positive results to their ROI, according to a survey conducted by ReelSEO.

Accelerator Videos is a division of Sandra L. Leyva, Inc. whose mission is to help people achieve entrepreneurial prosperity by developing innovative and profitable marketing and practice management training, products, and services.

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  1. Alice Wright

    Hi guys, It’s an amazing library where we people get more information especially regarding video marketing.

    Accountant’s Accelerator Library is a library of assets for accountants with small practices who want to study more about advertising and marketing, pricing, time management, and exercise control a good way to grow their practices, be greater successful, shop time, and serve their clients higher.

    Our practice boom packages offer you the gear and skills you want to revel in interesting double-digit increase that rewards you generously for the expert accounting professional which you are.

    Overall, the Library consists of the best of the last six years of Accountant’s Accelerator:

    * A library of training materials, including self-study ebooks, recorded videos and audios
    * Sample forms, letters, flyers, templates, marketing aids, and more.