Go Remote with This App You Already Own [#WFH]

John Higgins explains how to leverage Microsoft Teams for work-from-home staffers.

Today, when tax and accounting firms are going remote, whether we want it or not, whether we've planned for it or not, it's good to know that most of us already have a tool that's ready to go.

It's Microsoft Teams, and it comes with your Microsoft Office365 platform.

In this video, we're going to focus on the Teams app value proposition and its strategic impact of deploying Teams in your organization, so that everyone who's involved in the decision-making process has a good sense of why we're going about this initiative.

I like to describe Teams as a digital platform to transform the way you communicate, collaborate and share knowledge. And I know that probably sounds a little bit like a cliche, but that's truly what it does.

One of the key words is "digital."   And I probably could add "digital cloud-based" platform, because Teams works through the cloud as all the Office 365 apps do. That allows you to use Teams to communicate with anybody, anywhere, at any time, inside your organization, and outside your organization.

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