Making the Most of the MS Teams Interface

How internal and external users navigate Microsoft Teams.

By John Higgins
CPA Crossings

In this learning module we’re going to provide an orientation to the Teams app interface for the desktop, online and mobile apps so that you can be familiar with how to navigate around the apps. We’ll start with the desktop because that’s the primary application you should typically work with and then we’ll go through the online version of Teams followed by the iOS and Android versions as well.

If you think about all the content that you’ll have in Teams, you’ll have conversations, you’ll have links to files that are stored in SharePoint – and other locations actually – and then we’ll have links to other content. So all that content in Teams is stored in the cloud in a secure data server infrastructure that is managed and monitored by Microsoft – monitored from a cybersecurity protection perspective – and then you use the various apps to access that content. When you first log into your Office 365 portal, you’ll have an option to download the Teams desktop app. I would point out that if you invite an external user to be a part of one of your Teams, they do not have to have an Office 365 subscription.

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