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By Matt Solomon

I’d like to ask you a question: How satisfied are you with the current state of your business?

Many accountants might say their firm is “good” or “doing well.” But in my 13 years of working with accountants on a daily basis, I’ve found that when you dig a little deeper, the truth isn’t quite as “good” as it could be. When I ask them to elaborate, accountants often tell me that they’re not getting paid what they’re worth, their clients don’t value and appreciate them, and they have too many difficult or unpleasant clients on their rosters.

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Yet those same accountants continue to carry on, day after day, exactly the same way that they have before. This gets to a major problem in the accounting profession: high standards for your work, but low standards for the enjoyment you get out of that work. You may not be satisfied with the state of your business, but you don’t think it’s reasonable to expect better. You’ve accepted that working too hard and being undervalued and underpaid is just part of the deal. Even worse, you may not believe a better alternative (in terms of profitability, personal fulfillment and value add for your clients) exists.