How CPA business gets done today: With laptops and USB sticks at Starbucks

Some CPAs are ahead of the curve. Here's one of them.

Kathleen Huston, head of McGuire Williams CPAs, posts:


Ah, how do you make tax meetings less painful and less dry?  Meet and greet at Starbucks. You get to swill some tasty java while giving some sage tax advice. This is the new meeting place chosen by the Gen-X society. So, I decided to GO WITH THE FLOW.

On Wednesday or Friday when I am already working remotely, I schedule meetings with those clients who are the city dwellers and many don't even own a car.

First thing they want to know when scheduling a meeting is where the nearest Metro station is. Of course, our office is about 1 mile from the Springfield Metro. Not a walk in the park!

And since I need my daily Starbucks hit in the afternoon, a meeting at Starbucks is pretty palatable in my book. There is one close to my remote office and right at the Metro stop.

So, there I sit today across from a new tax client. We are both sipping coffee and typing away on our laptops. Then I swap my data stick between laptops.

And we had never met either, but he had our website page on his laptop screen when I got there. My bio and picture let him know who I was. I was no strange face in the crowd.

So, get connected ... who needs an office anyway?

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One Response to “How CPA business gets done today: With laptops and USB sticks at Starbucks”

  1. Bill

    Great post Kathleen:

    I’m a web designer/SEO. I had an accountant quiz me on getting his website to rank in search engines. When I started poking around Accountant websites, I could see that many accountants aren’t paying attention to the web in a manner that could bring them free leads for ever.

    You’ve got the right mind set using technology in the way you described in your post. Savvy accountants that pay attention to the internet will eliminate the need to pay for advertising in their local markets.

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