Valuing Your Practice for Partner Retirements


How to brace yourself for the "Baby Boomer Bubble."

By Gary Adamson, CPA

Gary Adamson


I think about the BBB a lot. No, this BBB is not the Better Business Bureau; it is the Baby Boomer Bubble. There is constant reference by the news media about the aging of the Baby Boomers but I for one did not know exactly what it meant. Until I Googled it.

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What I found is not good news for the accounting profession. The BBB is 76 million of us born in the United States between 1946 and 1964 and we are fairly evenly spread through those 19 years. That means the oldest of this huge bubble are 4 million folks who turned 65 last year. And, we have another 18 years to go!  READ MORE →