How CPA Firms Make Money in Turbulent Times

Rosenberg Survey uncovers the power of leverage.

by Gary L. Adamson
Adamson Advisory

The universal measure of profitability in accounting firms is average income per partner. Another universal tool is the annual Rosenberg National MAP Survey. It’s a must-have for running your firm.

In the latest survey, Rosenberg identifies his “elite” firms, which are the 54 that had income per partner of more than $500,000. Not bad considering it is based on 2009 economic data—from the middle of the recession.

It’s interesting, if you dig into the data in the survey, you will find that these 54 aren’t just the biggest firms, although as Rosenberg puts it, bigger is better in terms of profitability. In fact, 24 of them are in the $2-$10 million fee range and three are sole proprietors.