Bill Carlino: No Wonder Accountants Look Worried [VIDEO]

They've got a lot to worry about.

Accounting firms face a "perfect storm" of problems, according to Bill Carlino, the long-time editorial director of the venerable Accounting Today magazine. Here, he begins by talking about how Washington politics is shaking up the profession and goes on to note the revenue drop among the top 100 firms.

In looking ahead over the next 12 to 18 months, Carlino expects more firms to start poaching specialty players, adopting business intelligence dashboards, rebuilding their IT departments and getting serious about disaster recovery and business continuity.


4 Responses to “Bill Carlino: No Wonder Accountants Look Worried [VIDEO]”

  1. Wyatt

    Secure backup is key not only for the firm but the firm’s clients. When a firm is able to easily provide tax documents online 24/7 in a secure fashion to their clients, that is a huge improvement to trying to access physical copies. The more firms leverage online solutions, the more they will be able to save time, money, and help their clients. Thanks for the videos.

  2. Bill Carlino

    Chris –
    Two separate trends. midsized to larger firms will be spending more IT dollars per FTE (full time equivalent) according to a number of recent surveys and for smaller firms, you are seeing a boost in SaaS/Cloud (whatever the term de jour is) applications due to cost and ease of implementation factors. Accounting Today did a big feature on it in our May 10 issue.


  3. chris

    What are your thoughts on the adoption of cloud computing? You identified firms would expand their IT departments.