Six Reasons You Don’t Want to Be the Boss

Life changes when you move up the ranks.


After years of coaching partners and partners-in-waiting, Sam Allred of Upstream Academy knows a thing or two about what it takes to succeed as you climb the executive ladder at an accounting firm.

But rarely has he put it so succinctly. The skills you need in the new job are hardly like the skills that got you there. Executive-level leadership bears little resemblance to being a good partner or manager.

Allred offers Six Things Leaders Need to Do When You Become a Partner. Think twice about whether you really want the job.

  1. Give up The Right to Remain Silent - When you become a partner, you must speak up - not nod your head and then go door-to-door after the meeting talking to the other partners. Not speaking up, in the proper forum, creates artificial harmony.
  2. Keep an Open Mind - Learn how to listen and question before deciding and acting.
  3. You Give Up The Right to Make All Decisions - Sole-practitioners don't need to worry. But when you join a partnership, you give up that right.
  4. Learn to Make the Proper Commitment - Saying or thinking, "I will stay out of the way" is not making commitment. It's a case of "grudging compliance" vs. "spirited commitment."
  5. Willingness to Get Outside Your Comfort Zone - You cannot stand still. Becoming partner doesn't mean you "made it" and now you can coast. You must keep moving, maybe faster and bolder than ever.
  6. You Become a Leader for Change - They hired you to do things differently, or better. Change is the mandate. You must be in front of it.

via Rita Keller

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