Three Secrets to Easy Billings

Test your firm's business savvy.

Accountants know that winning additional work from current clients is a whole lot easier than finding brand new clients. But too many firms fail to seize the opportunities.

Why? Simple: They don't invest the time or money in educating fellow partners and staff in the basic mechanics.

So ask yourself: Right now, do all of your team members, even the most recent college recruits:

  1. Know what to look and listen for while they are at the client's location?
  2. Have you educated them about all of the firm's service offerings?
  3. If they recognize an opportunity do they know who to refer it to inside your firm?

If you answered "no" or even "maybe" to one question, you have work to do... and opportunities to seize.

h/t Rita Keller

4 Responses to “Three Secrets to Easy Billings”

  1. Jon Neal

    I also think it is a matter of timing. You can do everything possible to let your client know what your services are, but if they don’t need it “right now”, they may forget you offer it.

  2. Jody Padar

    I also think it’s about rewards…A lot of times staff aren’t even thanked when offering up new billable opportunities. Thank you’s, Recognition and Small Cash prizes will go far and help to develop them into Awesome Rainmakers! Only successful small sales teach you how to close the big ones.

    • Rick

      Jody, You are SO right! In fact, we’ve found a surprisingly few number of firms actually make biz dev a part of the performance evaluation or the pay package.

  3. Nate Hagerty

    Additionally, I think firm clients aren’t usually “in the know” about all of the available opportunities for the firm to help them save money! Which is why it’s so critical to be in front of clients regularly, without “pitching”.

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