Survey Finds Small Business Bullish on 2015

51% plan new hiring now and into next year.

For 2015, 81 percent percent of small businesses forecast a revenue increase, with 21 percent expecting to grow more than 100 percent, according to a new Xero survey.

The study also shows that employing an accountant pays off. SMBs (small and medium-size businesses) that use an accountant with online accounting software enjoyed a 16 percent increase in revenue over businesses that use online accounting software without an accountant. And using more accountants equals more revenue, says the study released by a cloud accounting software maker.

When SMBs pair an outside accounting professional with an internal one and use online accounting software they double that – seeing a 24 percent increase in revenue vs. 16 percent when working with only one accountant.

Other highlights from study released by Xero, the cloud accounting company that produced the study. :

  • A Certainty of Satisfaction: 87 percent of SMBs are content to extremely satisfied with how their business is performing.
  • Risky Business: 68 percent of small businesses never or only occasionally take a risk while 32 percent will almost always take a risk.
  • Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained: These risk takers have experienced a 49 percent growth in revenue over the last 12 months vs. 43 percent for non or occasional risk takers.
  • Glass Half Full: Risk-taking SMBs are also more optimistic, forecasting 63 percent growth over the next 12 months vs. 51 percent for those who are risk averse.
  • Hiring Now and in the Future: In order to achieve 2015 goals and grow their businesses, SMBs are looking to expand their teams and invest in top talent such as accounting professionals. Some 51 percent of small businesses plan to hire now and through 2015.