Why Accountants Could Be the Happiest People on Earth

Now Or Later Keys Shows Delay Deadlines And UrgencyNew research shows “givers” outpace others in life and in business. Are you a “giver” or a “taker”? Take the 10-minute test.

By Hitendra Patil

Imagine that one of your clients calls you up and expresses his gratitude for the help you gave him.

You wonder: “I just gave him the balance sheet and told him that his business model needs some adjustments. I did what I have always done, so why is he thanking me so big? But, yeah, I do feel happy my client thanked me.”

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There is a huge new opportunity for accountants to reconnect with the real purpose of the profession, i.e.: becoming not just a trusted advisor for businesses and people but literally the “business strategist” for their clients. Who else understands the “language of business” as well as accountants?