Three Amazing CPAs Who Want to Do Tax Returns for Free

Hitendra Patil

Creating awesome value to become the go-to business strategist.

By Hitendra Patil
Pransform Inc.

As part of my role in calling on CPA firms, I meet with as many as a hundred in a month. But three of them absolutely blew me away. Let me tell you why.

They all share one common factor in their thinking, which is creating awesome value for their clients. All of them provide the same standard services to their clients that an accounting and tax firm would. What happens beyond those standard services is what separates them from the rest of the world. And they use a simple trick to create awesome value.

All three of them have a total belief in going beyond their standard service delivery (and they are great at that). In other words, they are constantly thinking of what will make their clients generate measurable value.

They are not abstract motivators, they are not vague advisors and they are not the ones who will just tell something to the client without taking or at least sharing the responsibility for the outcome of what they tell.

What they thought of as their unique value creator is astounding. And simple, so much so, I wondered why can’t or why doesn’t everyone think of this!

The common factor is that they forgot that they are CPAs. They imagine that they themselves are a client and they are talking to a CPA about their problem!

They want to prepare tax returns for free for their business clients! What’s the catch?

All the three CPAs want their business clients to consider them their business strategist. And to make it happen, they are taking immense pains to totally grasp their clients' industry-specific challenges. They are “living” the clients’ challenges, day in day out.

Would you do the tax return free for your clients?

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