Talent Wars Go from White Gloves to Boxing Gloves


They say “past results are no indication of future performance.” Maybe. Maybe not. But if anyone should know, it’s our panel of experts, their comments drawn from the new edition of The Rosenberg MAP Survey. These are their bullet points and comments, verbatim, looking back at the last 12 months and looking ahead to 2016. – Rick Telberg, CEO

By Allan Koltin
Koltin Consulting Group

Lessons from 2015:

The past 12 months have shown positive growth for most firms. It’s coming more in consulting and value added services.

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There has been a lot of discussion regarding the three “Big C’s” (compensation, capital and [deferred] compensation at firms). There has also been more rethinking of traditional bonus programs for staff…paying everyone something has become an entitlement (and doesn’t really leave enough for the stars) vs. just giving a bonus to those who “really hit it out of the park.”

The war on talent has gone from white gloves off to boxing gloves on. Firms are also getting much better at

  • defining goals,
  • expectations of performance and
  • having leadership hold partners accountable for performance.

Forecast for 2016: