Does Your Dashboard Need Fine-Tuning?

Chalkboard illustration of the balanced scorecard conceptNew times call for new CPA firm metrics.

By August Aquila
Creating the Effective Partnership

Don’t kid yourself – it’s a new world out there. Accounting firms need to become more transparent. Partners and employees need to truly understand the firm’s vision and value proposition. They need to see how their daily actions move the firm toward its goals. Mission and vision can no longer be vague, fluffy statements that mean nothing to your clients, employees and partners, and prospects.

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This new environment requires firms to actually implement their goals by looking at specific objectives and measures. Performance and execution are the key operatives. The old measures, by themselves, won’t do the job anymore. They are still valuable, but new measures are needed today. Firms no longer compete with the firm down the street in terms of mere marketing. They now compete in how they