Tax Season 2016: IRS in Crisis

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Budget breakdowns threaten tax agency’s future.

This Year’s Toughest Issues & Best Opportunities

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By CPA Trendlines

You have a friend inside the IRS. It’s the Taxpayer Advocate Service. Technically, it’s part of the IRS, but legally, it reports directly to Congress and the congressional desire to make life as simple as possible for you.
The TAS has two main objectives:

  1. To help individuals resolve difficulties with filing their taxes.
  2. To identify systemic problems and suggest solutions.

To fulfill the problem/solution objective, the TAS presents an annual report to Congress. The report identifies at least 20 serious systemic problems. Theoretically, Congress will look askance at the IRS, and the IRS will take heed and make life a little easier for taxpayers and tax preparers.

Depending on how quickly the IRS reacts, the problems detailed in the 2015 Annual Report may make this year’s tax season a little easier. Some of the problems, however, will need long-term consideration. But that’s better than no consideration.

Here, briefly, are a few of the main issues the TAS has identified: