Tax Pro E-Filings Lag by 512,000 Returns

Data chart
2020 FILING SEASON STATISTICS: Cumulative 3/8/2019 vs. 3/6/2020

As do-it-yourselfers surge by more than a million.

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How Does This Year’s Busy Season Compare to Last Year’s?
Better,  Worse, or About the Same?

By Beth Bellor

Tax professionals are losing their share of the e-filing market this tax season, dropping to 48.5 percent of all returns e-filed, down slightly more than one percentage point from the same time last year.

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The IRS had received 68 million individual income tax returns as of March 6 – the latest data available – up 0.4 percent from the same period in 2019. The agency had processed 65 million returns, down 0.5 percent.