New Rules: Covid Shifts M&A Landscape

Checklists: Top 10 Tips for Buyers and Sellers.

By Ira Rosenbloom

Many CPA firms go into merger conversations thinking that, because they have done deals before, they can do what they’ve done in the past. But in this Covid-impacted economy, the tolerance for risk is low—and changing day-to-day.

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We’re seeing every day how much the pandemic can impair and alter both daily life and business fundamentals, so the more efficient you can be in getting ready for a merger, the better. These days, you need to move fast or risk losing out.

Here are some recommendations crucial for getting both buyers and sellers properly prepared for their next step in M&A negotiation.


Seven Smart Ways to Make This Your Best Tax Season Ever

How to make tax season work for you and not just your clients.

By Ira S. Rosenbloom, CPA

Tax season is a fantastic business cycle for accounting firms but too few leverage all of their hours to capitalize on its value. The time has come to maximize the value of tax season and make this your best tax season yet.

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Ten Steps to a Better Tax Season

Tools for balancing work and life in the most special time of year.

By Ira Rosenbloom

Three nights a week and Saturdays. For many accountants, this describes the extra effort that is made to properly service clients during tax season. The quality of life for accountants and their families typically takes a turn for the worse during this special time of year. Most will tolerate the change because it brings cash flow and profits.

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