Study Decries ‘Myth’ of Public Interest

Call it what it is, ‘market interest,’ author argues. By CPA Trendlines The accounting profession’s governing establishment is actually a cabal of industry and government designed to thwart – instead of protect – the public interest, a new study asserts. … Continued

IRS Form 3115: a Sin and a Travesty

Write your Congressman! By Ed Mendlowitz The CPA Trendlines Practice Doctor IRS regulations are requiring every business with materials, supplies, equipment and real estate to change their accounting method and file an eight-page Form 3115 with their tax return and … Continued

Fight Racism: Make Discrimination a ‘Discreditable Act’

State boards should add a new tenet to ethics and licensing rules.

Nathan Garrett, a former president of the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy, is calling on his beloved profession to make prejudice and racial discrimination … Continued