Today’s Top 10 Marketing Tactics for Accounting Firms

What’s working for CPA firms right now.

by Rick Telberg

The economic downturn seems to be driving accounting firms to turn increasingly to new technologies for their marketing and business development efforts.

To be sure, tried-and-true business-getting tactics such as networking, referrals and community service remain mainstays of practice development in the tax and accounting profession.

But you might be surprised by how many accounting firms are turning — in a sudden rush — to Web site upgrades, e-mail promotions and social media to both stretch their marketing dollar and increase their reach.

In a Bay Street Group/CPA Trendlines survey for the AICPA, new wave technologies are emerging as key ingredients in accounting firm marketing plans. We’ve been asking accountants to tell us which marketing activities their firms would be emphasizing anew in the coming months.

Here’s what they’re saying: