Why Do Accountants Blog, Tweet, Facebook, or get LinkedIn?

We want to find out from you!

Attn: social media CPAs, accountants, firms….

For a possible blog post:
— Why do you do social media?
— How does it help business?
— What are the risks?
— Why do firms block access, and is that a good idea?
— What are the long-term trend lines?

Please email me at rickt@cpatrendlines.com Or call 631-604-1651. Or leave a comment below.

We’ll keep your answers anonymous if you want.

Hey, and don’t forget about, texting, emailing, phoning, Flickr and Youtube, and even birthday cards — it’s all “social” and  “media,” right? What are we doing and why?

Thanks! It’s the sharing and caring of this community that makes everything possible.

7 Responses to “Why Do Accountants Blog, Tweet, Facebook, or get LinkedIn?”

  1. CPA Firm Marketing

    Some of the firms we work with have turned to social media for the following reasons

    1. Facebook – Create a personal brand outside of the firm’s current website and other digital media presences.

    2. Linked In. Upload their list of contacts into LinkedIn. This allows the partner to reconnect with old contacts that they may not have connected with in a while.

  2. Eva - TaxMama

    Why do I write, blog and provide lots of free information?

    Because I am tired. Very weary. Of trying to help people who get into trouble with the IRS – trouble they could have avoided, if only they had the right information in hand.

    They are not getting it from tax professionals.

    Because they either don’t think they can afford tax professionals, or they got the wrong information – or no guidance at all.

    I pray that if the information is out there, they will be able to either help themselves, or know how to start a dialogue with a good, local tax pro. (That’s who I always recommend they go to see.)

    Each person who doesn’t get into trouble is a victory.

  3. Mathew Heggem

    Good luck in the research. As an organization looking to reach out to Accounting Firms through Social Media, this information will be valuable.

  4. Robbie Diane Paul

    I don’t have a website. I have more work than I can get done. I am a sole practitioner. I focus my time on giving my clients the best product possible. I prefer talking to them in person and budget time to see each client. I learn LOTS from that. In social chatting they talk of their new timeshare, or resort home, or inheritance, or sale of something….
    I don’t do Facebook. Don’t trust it’s security. I got into LinkedIn, but not on purpose. I never go there and do anything. Part of it is trust and part of it is I don’t get how to use it! I do a lot of transfer of records and returns via e-mail, which I have been told is obsolete. But at least I can encrypt attachments… I am resisting accepting debit cards because they cost wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much! For the less than 1% that want it I would have to charge them like $25.00 each to cover all the costs. Or more….
    I make sure I am on a land phone, corded , not a cell phone or wireless land phone when I get account numbers or have to verify bank numbers, etc. There is just such a HUGE risk with data!
    I had a client sign three forms because he wanted unencrypted PDF file on his tax returns. He did it and so I sent it, but I hated doing so! I know, I know, I am an old one. But, my client’s data is safer and I can sleep at night.

  5. Gary Schroeder

    There are only so many hours in the day. Besides, there is the security issue. Personally I have taken the information others have on their site to the disadvantage of those we are dealing with. Too much information. Too big of a time waster.

  6. Jeff K

    I use LinkedIn to connect with other professionals as well as learn about potential new positions.

  7. Sheryl Martin, CPA, EVP of Loscalzo Associates, Ltd.

    I think these days, the better question might be be, why wouldn’t an accountant engage in social media? There are so many reasons to engage in social media including:

    -A great way to showcase and market FOR FREE a person/firm/companies’ expertise to your peers, clients and prospects.

    -A way to network and share best practices with peers.

    -A way to network and meet new prospects.

    -A way to offer “teasers” of value added information to draw people into wanting to get to know you/your firm or company more.

    -Using a vehicle such as LinkedIn to obtain recommendations/testonials to the crediblity and demonstrate the value you bring

    -To engage others, make them feel part of a community with your company/firm

    -An easy way to draw potential prospects and clients to your website.

    The risks I believe are minimal if you are professional and smart about what you post. My advice- Keep your personal life apart from your business tweats and Facebook account. Post information of value. Use disclaimer language when blogging, especially if you are discussing questions that are technical in nature.