Five Easy Ideas for a Quick Business Boost

Reach for the low-hanging fruit.

by Sandi Smith
Accountant’s Accelerator

Sandi Smith
Sandi Smith

If business has slowed for you, it’s not just you.  With people making the most of a disappearing summer, getting ready for school, and trying to keep from being too cranky from the heat wave in much of the country, it’s all most of us can do to stay on our routines.

As entrepreneurs, we still need to make payroll, meet our budget goals, and get enough cash in to keep our doors open.  So how can we cash in on the low-hanging fruit?

We spend a lot of energy going after the fruit that is out of reach, and most of it spoils before we can get our act together. Then we wonder why marketing is so expensive, we don’t close the deals, and we are left with a big expense.

So that’s why I want to share some tips about how to go after the low-hanging fruit. You won’t even need a ladder for these revenue-builders.