Six Strategies to Stop Losing Business to Competitors

Stop being a “best-kept” secret to prospects.

Sandi Smith Leyva, Accountant’s Accelerator

By Sandi Smith Leyva
The Accountant’s Accelerator

It’s rare that I lose business to competitors, and it’s also not an accident. If you are losing business to your competitors, here are some strategies you can use to “become a category of one,” as they say in marketing.

1. Build your brand. In accounting, professional services, and coaching, our brand is our name. We can build it up by building our reputation for delivering results to clients and becoming a thought leader in the profession. Do this a number of ways: write articles, make speeches, offer teleseminars, post your testimonials and case studies, get interviewed by the press, serve on a committee or board of directors, and become a well-respected business leader in your community, to name a few. When you build your brand, people will come asking for you by name and won’t consider others.