The War for Talent Opens a New Front Online

New analysis of trends and case studies in social media's role in recruiting staff.

The use of social media for recruiting in CPA firms is growing,
especially with the need for accountants who are tech savvy, says social media analyst Becky Livingston in a new report available to CPA Trendlines PRO members.

It’s no surprise, of course, that social media should become the dominant force in recruiting. Online platforms give recruiters new tools to evaluate candidates before they interview. Tracking systems and online databases give recruiters a way to amplify the number of candidates in the hiring network, while increasing the quality of leads.

Online recruiting has become the norm, no longer the exception, says Livingston.

Social Media Recruiting for CPA Firms


One Response to “The War for Talent Opens a New Front Online”

  1. Peter Fontaine

    This report clearly validates what we all suspected – the mounting war for CPA talent is being waged with greater frequency on the battlefield of social media. As you might suspect, the law is emerging around the use of social media in recruiting employees that cannot be overlooked. The legal activity appears to fall into three buckets. The use of information on social media sites in a way that illegally discriminates against applicants. Obtaining personal information from applicants through social media in a manner that is disguised (e.g. “connecting” or “friending” an applicant); and then using it inappropriately. Finally, requiring access to an applicant’s social media account. (Several states have passed laws prohibiting this.) CPA firms should have clear policies on how recruiters use social media that comply with the emerging legal and regulatory trends.

    On a related note, the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) has taken the position that employers cannot prohibit employees from discussing work related issues on social media sites; as employees have the right to openly discuss wages, hours and conditions of employment under the National Labor Relations Act.

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