Debit Credit Theory: The Accounting Rap Song

[CLICK TO PLAY] Educational rap for a high school accounting course.

With over 100,000 plays since it came out in 2011, we may be late to the party. But this party is still going strong.

Video by: Mike Withers and Colin Dodds
Song by: Colin Dodds

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Yo, yo, you wanna be an accountant? Think it over,
It ain't easy, you might need a four leaf clover.
If you ain't willing to work hard, then can it -
It's the most sought after job on this planet.
Now, you tell me you wanna be an impartial judge of my solvency?
Now, you tell me you wanna protect the world from corporate fraudulency?
Now, all that sounds like fun, son, but you gotta walk before you can run.
To know what these numbers mean you gotta know the debit credit theory!

Debits on the left, credits on the right,
Debit left! Credit right! Debit left! Credit right!
For complete satisfaction,
Balance all of your transactions.

So, if you really wanna know, 'bout your cash flow, where your money go?
Then give in to the temptation,
Understand the fundamental accounting equation.
An asset increasing is a debit,
An asset decreasing is a credit.
The reverse is true for liabilities and equity,
If you get this then you get accountancy!

You ain't born a high roller, gotta work your way up to controller.

(h/t David Bergstein)


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  1. carolina blackboard

    you literally like inspire me to like be a better like person you know? like you make me remember “ohh wait, debits on the left credit on the right” and literally like. ITS AMAZING. ima be like a better person now because of you guys and all you’re like cool rap accounting like song.

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