Getting Published: A Checklist

Step by Step.

Note: In this dialog, Ed creates a checklist of the steps necessary to writing an article and getting it published.

Question: I would like to write an article and have it published. Can you assist me writing an article for an industry trade journal?

Response: Before we start, a few questions and comments.

  1. Have you ever been published?  If so, what were titles of your last two articles and when and where were they published?
  2. If you haven’t been published, your focus should be a smaller publication with a shorter article.
  3. If you want to have an article in the magazine, you will need to review the last few issues to  see the type and style of articles they publish and send me a listing of three topics appropriate for the journal with a short description of what you will cover in the each article and the reasons why their subscribers will want to read it.

Question: Thank you for taking the time to assist me, I have not written any articles yet. Here are three ideas I thought of: