Worst Tax Season Ever? “It’s Supposed to Get Better!”

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In this article, Ed Mendlowitz takes issue with Worst Tax Season Ever and suggests five strategies for continuous improvement year after year.

Barry Melancon, CEO of the AICPA, and Tom Hood, CEO of the Maryland Society of CPAs, both said that they heard this was the worst tax season ever.

I don’t know if it was or wasn’t.  For us it wasn’t that bad.  This raises a thought.  It’s supposed to get better – if not, then why do it, or why not make a serious effort to change what you are doing so it gets better?  I am reminded by a remark by Jack Nicholson in “As Good As It Gets.”  He said, “Maybe this is as good as it gets!”  I don’t buy that.

Here are five things that should be done to make tax season (and the rest of your practice or any business) better.