You’re Selling All the Time

Several businesspeople talking and shaking hands, silhouette against city skylineBONUS CHECKLIST: 5 steps for breaking out of your comfort zone.

By Martin Bissett
Business Development On a Budget

Over the years, many partners have told me about their struggles to grow their firms proactively, the main one being that they feel they must sell, which goes against the grain for them. Have you ever felt that way?

Perhaps you’ve never had to sell before, and it is taking you way out of your comfort zone. You are entering into unfamiliar territory, that alien landscape called “selling.”

In reality, though, you’ve been selling the whole time. To have won the work you’ve won up to now, to recruit the talent you have, to build the relationships you have – you’ve had to sell yourself at each stage. You’ve had to sell the idea that working with you is in the best interests of the other person, so you are always selling in one way or another.