CPA Firm Revenues Rise a Hefty 8%

Annual Growth: 2006 To 2015 (Firms Over $2 Million)
Annual growth rates for Firms grossing over $2 million per year. Source: Rosenberg MAP Survey via CPA Trendlines

Partner incomes top $400,000 as firms make advances in efficiency and productivity.

By Rick Telberg
The Rosenberg MAP Survey

CPA firm revenues are surging more than 8 percent in the just-released 18th annual Rosenberg MAP Survey, the strongest expansion in almost a decade.

The advances are being fueled mostly by organic growth, by, with the merger frenzy showing no signs of slowing down, mergers account for about 28 percent of the new revenue, according to the report’s authors, The Growth Partnership, a St. Louis-based practice management consultancy.

But the profession could be holding itself back, according to the authors, led by Charles Hylan of The Growth Partnership.