Reader Sound-Off: Mandatory Saturdays Stir Controversy

Commenting on “mandatory Saturdays,” clockwise from top left: Stitely, Boress, Michel, Evarts

Is it work-life balance, or firm-employee balance?

Sound-Off: Does your firm mandate Saturdays?
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By Beth Bellor
CPA Trendlines

Tax season has yet to start and already tempers are flaring in the CPA Trendlines Comments section as practitioners debate requiring staffers to work on Saturdays during busy season.

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In “How to Make Mandatory Saturdays a Thing of the Past,” CPA Trendlines contributor Jennifer Wilson says the “cool firms” are eliminating the age-old practice nd replacing it with flex-time, work-at-home, and results-oriented strategies. Still, she says, “I literally hear a gasp of surprise because it challenges one of the most fundamental elements of public accounting – tracking, measuring and valuing time.”