Are You Attracting the New Breed of Equity Partners?

Businesswoman shaking hands with someone out of view7 tactics to address the “new normal.”

By Domenick J. Esposito
8 Steps to Great

There’s no argument within the accounting profession that today’s economy is anemic, margins are squeezed and talent, particularly tax talent, is very scarce.

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On top of that:

  • The philosophies of: (a) finders, minders, grinders and (b) an accounting firm model (principally low-margin compliance services) are no longer sufficient and probably are counterproductive to the perpetuation of a firm.
  • Clients have the upper hand in their accounting firm relationships.
  • Technology will continue to create a lesser demand on lower-level staff.
  • It is widely believed that Google and Microsoft will soon become fierce competitors for certain compliance services.