COVID Crisis Separates the Winners from Losers

Bill Reeb, 2019-20 AICPA chairman, explains how today’s coronavirus crisis is transforming the profession – and the world – forever.

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By CPA Trendlines

Today’s coronavirus cataclysm is changing the ways CPAs in both the public and the private sectors do business, revamping in a few traumatic days what would have taken five years, says Bill Reeb, the 2019-20 AICPA chair, in a video interview with CPA Trendlines.

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“It has already had an amazing effect,” Reeb says. “We have fast-forwarded the technology by at least five years. The use of technology has skyrocketed. And people are starting to say, Okay, we got to get people working at home, and we’ve found ways to communicate with each other during the day.”