How Accountants Are Coping with COVID-19

Coping with the COVID crisis- Robert Jones (left), and Stephen Backman
Coping with the COVID crisis: Robert Jones (left), and Stephen Backman. More crisis management strategies: Join the survey. Get the answers.

New methods, new mindsets.

Coronavirus Crisis Management Strategies:

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By CPA Trendlines Research

The coronavirus sure did hit quick. It seems like it’s been here since forever, but it didn’t really strike until halfway through the busy season. There were ominous clouds on the horizon in January, but early respondents to the 2020 CPA Trendlines Busy Season Barometer were generally expressing optimism.

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Then things went downhill fast. But despite the pressures of the tax season, CPAs have been equally fast at adjusting to the new world. They really had little choice. They could innovate. They could close up shop. Or they could get really, really sick.

Innovation seems to be the most popular choice.