The Top Six IRS #FAILS this Tax Season (So Far)

Erin Collins, IRS Taxpayer Advocate

Sending out notices with expired deadlines? Check.

How accountants are battling the Coronavirus recession
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By CPA Trendlines Research

It’s been a hard year for everyone, from pauper to president to tax practitioners. The latter have been triple-whammied by the need to keep clients and employees healthy, the shifting rules and deadlines made to accommodate the lockdown and the staggering, stumbling service of the Internal Revenue … well, Service.

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Let us pause to pity poor Erin M. Collins, who late last year landed a great new job: National Tax Advocate. She replaces Nina Olson, who held that position from 2001 to 2019, bowing out in the nick of time, leaving behind an impressive record of improvements in the American system of tax collection.